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Welcome to My Website

Editor: I am a writer and editor in the field of psychology and cross cultural studies. I received my doctorate in cross cultural studies and a masters in both clinical psychology and counseling psychology. Although these are my main areas of interest, I offer my editing and coaching expertise to projects that fall into other domains as well.

Dissertation Coach: I also work with students and writers as a writing and dissertation coach. I have 21 years experience working with students and authors and can help with all phases of a research project: finding a topic, research design, and staying on track. 

Statistical Consultant: I also work with students and researchers who need assistance with quantitative and qualitative statistical procedures. I recently earned a Duke University Certificate with Distinction in Data Analysis and Statistical Inference. This was an excellent refresher in statistics and I am now working with students on quantitative research designs and analyses.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my services.

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