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Publications Written or Edited by the Author

Racism as Trauma by Darcy Crosman, Ed.D. is available at Proquest

(To view Racism as Trauma or order a copy, click on Proquest.

You might have to click it a second time, because often an error page comes up first.)

Edited works: I am proud to have edited and helped these incredible authors put their works into publishing formats:

Lives on the Brink: Bridging the Chasm Between Two Great Nations: India and the United States by Anu Peshwaria

Published by Diamond Books available at

(Anu Peshwaria is an attorney whose life has been dedicated to educating women in India about the abuse often encountered by their marrying Indian men living in the US. This abuse often occurs due to the discrepancy in laws and culture between the US and India. Anu travels back and forth between the two countries giving workshops and is a legal adviser to the Embassy of India in the U.S.)

For the Sake of Louise by Lilia B. Lopez-Rahman

Published by Maui Readers Publishing

Available on 

(What Lilia went through to find her daughter again is a riveting story of love. This mother decided that there was no other option but to raise her daughter even if it meant living in hell. What ensued was a tumultuous series of hair-raising choices that would take Lilia through Canada to Sri Lanka, California, and eventually Maui).

Divine N Promise: A Difficult Journey by Karen McLean Dade, Ed.D.

Published by K.O. Publishers, a subsidiary of

Multicultural International Development Corporation (MIDC, Inc.)

(This is a much needed work for young African Americans in middle and high school. Dr. Dade's story is designed to bring up important issues in their lives that are rarely addressed in schools. As one reviewer wrote: It gave me the shivers, "To many of our nation's young people and their families will find their lives reflected in the painful challenges written about in this book. The promise in the creative approaches offered for resolution will empower them."

Get it Straight: The Purpose of Life. “Life’s Secret and How to Achieve It”

by Edward Faria

Published by K.O. Publishers, a subsidiary of

Multicultural International Development Corporation (MIDC, LLC)

The Last Smile: A Father's Love Story

Jeevan Zutshi

Published by Book Surge 

(A father migrates from India and gives his account of his incredible journey of moving his family here. He then tries to fathom why it ended in the unexpected and inexplicable death of his son)

The 25th Hour

Christopher Donaldson, Jr.

Published by KO Publishers: A subsidiary of Multicultural International Development Company (MIDC, LLC.)

Edited by

   Karen B. McLean Dade, Ed.D., Editor

   Darcy Crosman, Ed.D., Associate Editor

(From the intro: “Chris has been using poetry to document his experiences behind bars, to make the best of his time while he is there, and to keep his sanity as a still young man. Although Chris is not physically free, he is discovering a freedom—both mentally and spiritually—through his writing process. . . .The 25th hour is a reminder what’s truly important in life, as in “I liberate myself by enjoying life at the present moment.” And although it’s clear that Chris is in time, doing time, and very conscious of time, in his valuing the present as a precious gift, his reflections suggest that he is thinking about his life in a perspective that is beyond time. The 25th hour is about facing an unknown future. It’s also about true surrender and is an homage to God; as such it evokes the spirit of the book.”)

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