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Statistical Consultant:

I now offer help with inferential statistics. For the length of my career in editing, I have helped students navigate very unique studies involving both inferential statistics, qualitative statistical analysis and mixed method studies. For inferential statistics, I often work in conjunction with a statistician named Walter Barnes. Together we can offer strategic hands-on assistance with the procedures most performed in dissertation research today, including 

  • t test, ANOVA/ANCOVA/MANOVA, and nonparametric statistics, such as Chi-square, Mann Whitney U 
  • Pearson-R, Spearman's Rho
  • Preliminary analyses to determine whether data meets assumptions of normality
  • Reliability analyses
  • Mediation and moderation analyses
  • Hierarchical analyses

Education in Inferential Statistics

Most recently, I took Duke University’s Data Analysis and Statistical Inference course, enrolling in the signature track. I had previously taken statistics at the California School of Professional Psychology but I found that the Duke course was an excellent refresher in its presentation of concepts. I think the visual element through the videos really helps to illustrate the concepts. They begin with probabilities and this foundation is built upon in a very systematic way. They also use examples from studies that are up to date and interesting. This was a great learning experience and exactly what I needed. The instructor, Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, offered Google Hangouts and would also post to online discussion forums. They have a helpful staff on hand to facilitate the use of R. Although I was at first intimidated by using R, statistical software that students download from the Internet, the staff really made this course doable. Performing the statistical functions turned out to be fun. There’s a huge international support group of classmates as well. I completed a project in R, doing a chi-square analysis using the American National Election Studies Time Survey data. I earned a certificate with distinction and am most proud of this accomplishment. You can view the details of the course and the certificate HERE.

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